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Steel Grades Used in Gear Machining

Gears are used as transmission elements in many machines. Gears can be used to transmit power and have a specific positioning function. Gear machining as an essential method is always inseparable from the use of steel, so what kinds of steel are generally used?

1, quenched steel: as one of the ordinary steel used in gear, it is not only high hardness, and in the processing process will not produce plastic changes, so it is widely used.

2, carburizing quenching steel: many manufacturers use carburizing quenching steel as gear steel. This kind of steel can improve the gear hardness, and Gears will have to have better wear resistance. These issues are generally used in gear steel; only we combine the specific use of different situations and choose their suitable steel to achieve the best processing results.

3, hardened steel: gear processing is usually used hardened steel. The use of steel processing parts can obtain good overall mechanical properties, not only high strength but also has a certain degree of plasticity and toughness.