Stainless Steel Beams Supply

  • H/I beam sections are light in weight

  • good in bending resistance

  • reasonable in structure, and convenient in use

  • they have good seismic performance, save materials, also reduce energy and labor consumption.

  • Good appearance and surface quality, suitable for all-weather construction, little affected by climate conditions. It is convenient for machining, connection, and installation between structures, removal, and reuse.

As a leading stainless steel parallel flange H/I sections supplier, TMP strictly follows the global industrial standard

In the structural steel industry, stainless steel beam sections have a number of important applications. they are often used as a critical support body or the main structure. Steel I beams maintain the integrity of the structure with unceasing strength and support.

Thrive Metal Products provides stainless steel H/I profiles according to your project, Our SS beams are in compliance with global set industrial standard. Our SS beams are available in different sizes & shapes to suit different requirements of the client.

Beams are mainly used as supporting structures. Stainless steel beams are I OR H sections made of stainless steel. Stainless steel materials are mainly used for boilers, ships, buildings, halls, etc., within the structure to which the chemical comes into contact.

Stainless steel beams are structural steel with a cross-section like the letter I or H, which is a very commonly used steel profile; thrive Metal Products is a supplier of stainless steel I/H beams in China.

Stainless steel beams can be connected by welding or bolts, or It is made by hot rolling, extrusion, etc. The upper and lower horizontal parts of Beams are called flanges, and the middle part of the vertical and flange is called Web. According to the load, the size comparison of Web and flange, and whether the flange is entirely horizontal, different countries have different Definition:

Usually, in Europe, it is divided into:

  • IPE stainless steel beam: also known as I profile or I section, the distinctive feature is that the cross-section is like the letter I, the height dimension of the web part is twice the width dimension of the flange, and the upper-lower flanges are entirely parallel.
  • IPN stainless steel beams: The distinguishing feature is that the flanges are not perfectly parallel but slightly tapered/sloped.
  • H-type stainless steel beam is divided into HEA, HEB, and HEM.

In the United States, it is divided into:

  • Stainless steel S-BEAM: corresponds to IPE/IPN in European standards.
  • Stainless steel W-BEAM: Corresponding to the H series in European standards, the width of the flange is close to the height of the Web, and the load-bearing capacity is strong.

TMP supplies and manufactures various grades of stainless steel to meet specific project needs. Our production process is more flexible; if your project requires some special-shaped parts/non-standard sizes, we can customize the production according to your needs.

Profile    Dimensions, mmWeightSection area
       h              b              s              t           kg/mcm2
IPE 8080463,85,26,07,64
IPE 100100554,15,78,110,3
IPE 120120644,46,310,413,2
IPE 140140734,76,912,916,4
IPE 1601608257,415,820,1
IPE 180180915,3818,823,9
IPE 2002001005,68,522,428,5
IPE 2202201105,99,226,233,4
IPE 2402401206,29,830,739,1
IPE 2702701356,610,236,145,9
IPE 3003001507,110,742,253,8
IPE 3303301607,511,549,162,6
IPE 360360170812,757,172,7
IPE 4004001808,613,566,384,5
IPE 4504501909,414,677,698,8
IPE 50050020010,21690,7116
IPE 55055021011,117,2106134
IPE 6006002201219122156

Exporting products need suitable and safe packaging because of long-distance transportation. TMP ensures that the products are not damaged, the reinforcement method must be firm, and all products, parts, batch numbers, sizes, grades, etc., must be clearly defined. According to your needs, we can change the way of packaging

At Thrive Metal Products, all accessories are rigorously inspected at every stage of the production process, from raw material procurement to shipment. To ensure that they meet the specifications and standards required by customers, TMP can accept third-party inspection agencies to inspect the goods.

Stainless Steel Beams Applications As Follows:

ChemicalOil MillsPetrochemicalMiningRefineriesConstruction
FertilizersShipbuildingPower PlantSteel PlantNuclear PowerOffshore
Oil & GasDefencePaperPortsBreweriesRailway
CementEngineering Co.Sugar &Government Org. etc.