Steel Tee is a kind of structural steel with a T-shaped section, it has other names like: “T” beam, Tee bar, steel T section, “T” shaped bar. which was manufactured by hot rolled or cold drawn or sawing technology.

According to needs, Steel Tee can be made from steel H-beam. The technical standards are same as that of the H-beam. The advantages are strong bending resistance, ease to use, cost-saving, and lightweight structure. They are widely used in machinery manufacturing, railway construction, curtain wall decoration, vehicle manufacturing, and other industries. The hot-rolled T-section steel could be used in machinery and metal section steel.

tee shaped steel sizes and supplierOn the market, we use W to represent the height, F for width, WT & FT as well, for example, steel T-section Q235B or SS400 material, size: 220*220*10*14 means height 220mm, width 220mm, The T-section steel with a web thickness of 10mm and a wing plate thickness of 14mm is made of Q235B or SS400 material.

If you need some special shapes, please contact our sales staff. We can customize your size by hot rolling, cold forming, welding, and sawing technology to meet your requirements. T-beam commonly used material grades: ASTM A36, ASTM A572 GR 50, SS400, S235 S355. Level 300 and above.