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Sheet piling, also known as steel sheet piles, is a construction method widely used for retaining soil and water in various civil engineering projects.

It is a crucial foundation element for structures like quay walls, cofferdams, bulkheads, and underground structures.

As a reputable China-based manufacturer, we take pride in offering top-quality Sheet Piling solutions that provide numerous advantages for our esteemed customers.

Our Advantages:

Exceptional Strength: Our Sheet Piling is crafted from high-quality carbon steel, providing excellent strength and durability.
Versatility: We have more production experience for our Sheet Piling that can be used in various applications.
Customized sizes: we can manufacture any size and length to our client’s project request.

Main Countries Exported:

Our Sheet Piling products are sold well in many countries around the world. Countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and several countries in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Types of Sheet Piling

As a leading manufacturer in China, we offer several commonly made types of Sheet Piling:

a. U-Type: U-shaped Sheet Piles are highly versatile and widely used for various applications due to their excellent interlocking capabilities.
b. Z-Type: Z-shaped Sheet Piles are preferred when a higher section modulus is required to resist significant bending moments.
C. Flat Sheet Piles: Flat Sheet Piles are utilized in projects where aesthetics are essential, and the sheet piles need to be less conspicuous.

Applications of Sheet Piling

As a professional Sheet Piling manufacturer and supplier from China, our high-quality products find applications in a wide array of construction projects:

a. Port and Harbor Construction:
b. Flood Protection
c. Basement and Underground Structures
d. Cofferdams: Sheet Piling creates temporary enclosures, known as cofferdams, for underwater construction of structures in dry conditions.

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