What is steel angle

Steel angle, also called angle bar, mild steel angle, is a simple and basic steel profile made of carbon steel or low alloy steel by rolled, with an L-shaped cross-section and two legs crossed at 90 degrees.

Angle is a low-cost but high strength and reliable performance. TMP has Steel angles available in many stock sizes to provide fast delivery. In addition, it can be cut at will according to the project’s needs.

Angle is one of the most common structural profiles with various uses in many buildings and designs, such as in frames, brackets, and fixtures. The larger the size and thicker the angle, the greater its load-carrying capacity. The larger the size and the thicker the angle, the greater its load-bearing capacity, from warehouse shelving in everyday life and garden fence posts to the support of large buildings.

To extend the project’s life, the surface of the angle can be hot-dipped, galvanized, and painted.

Steel angle types

Steel angles can be cut to length, drilled, etc., but they are more commonly classified by the width of the two legs: unequal steel angles and equal angle steel.

equal unequal steel angle

The two legs of equal angle steel are the same width, hence the name equal angle steel. They are the most common type of section steel; the lengths can be cut to fit the requirements, they can be made to various specifications, and cut to any size, making them highly versatile. Their dimensions are indicated by A side x B side x thickness.

The two legs of unequal angle steel are also at a 90 degree, and then the widths of the two legs are different, making the two legs L-shaped. The strength of this cross-section is higher.

Steel angle advantages:

  1. steel angles can withstand a long period of tensile deformation without breaking, compared with other metals. While carrying a considerable amount of pressure without deformation, the structure is stable and not prone to accidents.
  2. steel angles can resist rain, wind, and sunlight for a long time
  3. Steel is a common material, easy to make, and less costly.