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  • Durable and cost-effective headlock panels from china
  • Easy to install with an opening designed for maximum cow comfort and efficiency
  • Quick, positive lock and safe easy release
  • Galvanized headlocks for restraining individuals or groups of cattle for examination, feeding and treatment

Professional Supplier of Livestock Headlocks, Cattle Headlocks, Cow Headlocks from China

Thrive Metal Products is a global leader in the manufacturing and supplying Livestock Headlocks products from China. Our products are made from high-quality steel pipe and Q235 material – an iron alloy proven highly durable, providing superior strength and flexibility while ensuring long-lasting use.

We strive to provide products that exceed expectations. Our manufacturing process is tailored to optimize efficiency while providing premium quality headlock panels that can withstand any climate. In addition, we specialize in custom designs that meet specific requirements for any setting.

Our hot dip galvanizing technology provides long-lasting use and protection against rusting or corrosion, safeguarding our products from extreme weather conditions. With proper maintenance, these headlock panels can last for many years before requiring replacement.

Our product range offers the following advantages:

  • Durable construction for prolonged use
  • Hot dip galvanized technology for longer life span
  • Quality welding that provides reliable connections
  • Quick lock and safe release features
  • Custom designs to fit individual requirements
  • High resistance to corrosion, rusting, or extreme weather conditions

At Thrive Metal Products, we integrate cutting-edge technology within our production processes to ensure all Livestock Headlocks comply with safety standards set forth by our industry partners worldwide.

Additionally, every item is inspected before shipping out to our customers. We guarantee quality control within each shipment; we welcome your inquiry.


Product Details

3m 4 Cows &
6m 8 cows(customized)
280 pcs
φ75 galvanized round tube
Dynamic Rod
φ42mm, whole hot galvanizing
Fixed Rod
φ42mm,φ32mm, whole hot galvanizing
Upper and Low Rails
50*2.75mm, whole hot galvanizing
Cow Age
Cow name
Width(Per Cow)
Applicable Necklock
3-6 month
Weanling Calves
6m 15 cows
7-12 month
3m 6 cows/6m 12 cows
13-18 month
Growing Cow
3m 5 cows/6m 10 cows
18-24 month
Young Cow
6m 9 cows
>24 month
Lactating Cow
3m 4 cows/6m 8 cows
Dry/Pregant/Postpartum Cow
6m 5 cows

More About Our Products

Livestock Headlocks, also named as Cattle Headlocks or Cow Headlocks, is an animal husbandry tool used to restrain a cow. It offers the animals greater freedom and promotes a peaceful and serene atmosphere during feeding times and milking.

Livestock owners find headlocks indispensable, allowing them to efficiently perform necessary treatments while keeping their cows safe and relaxed.

Materials We Used to Make Cattle headlocks

Our custom-made cattle headlocks are typically made from Hot Dip Galvanized steel pipes (Q235 material).

Hot dip galvanizing is an effective corrosion prevention technology that offers superior protection for steel structures exposed to harsh outdoor environments.

Hot dip galvanized products also have excellent welding performance, making them a go-to choice for constructing cattle headlocks. In addition, welding can be used to join multiple pieces of tubes together with added strength and stability.

The material we use to make cattle headlocks must be resistant to everyday wear and tear, and Hot Dip Galvanized steel offers superior durability compared to other options.

Main Exporting Markets.

Our Livestock Headlocks have become increasingly popular in a variety of international markets. As a result, we have successfully exported to countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, and European countries.

As a premier supplier of these headlocks, we focus on providing quality products that provide superior support and convenience for those in the livestock industry. So trust us for your livestock needs and join our increasingly large family of satisfied customers!

Features of Our Cattle Headlocks Products

As a professional manufacturing company in china, Our cattle headlocks are built using lightweight yet durable materials for optimal strength and durability.

Adjustable neck bars allow for product customization depending on your herd size. Speaking further of customization, these headlocks come fully equipped with necklocks, allowing you to customize the opening and closing width. We also use a clamp connection when attaching the cattle’s headlock to your fences or gates, giving you complete control over placement and access to your pastures or grounds.

With these above features, we are sure customers like our products. We welcome your inquiry.

Advantages and Finished Product Standards

We ensure that our cattle headlocks products are made with the highest standards of galvanized pipes and with the latest technologies to provide superior finish and performance.

Our headlocks feature a smooth surface, free of drips or roughness, allowing easy operation and cleaning.

The self-locking mechanism provides reliable security while also staying stable during use. In addition, each product is rigorously tested to meet our stringent requirements for durability, functionality, beauty, and reliability.

Our finishing process includes double-testing every step of production before it is approved for delivery, ensuring that each headlock meets all required standards for aesthetics and performance.

We use advanced techniques to optimize welded connections, so the steel components remain securely locked together without gaps or looseness. This ensures a long-lasting product that offers consistent security throughout its use.

Each headlock is also polished with a protective coating to prevent corrosion or rust in outdoor settings.

Main Components Available

Here at Thrive Metal Products company, we provide top of the line cattle headlock systems to help make the most of your livestock management operation.

Several components work together to provide the best results for our users. For example, our Cattle Headlocks system includes a main headlock frame comprised of durable and robust galvanized material and movable clamp components, and lock rod components for ease of use when heading up your cattle.

According to the customer’s need, we could provide a linkage control handle for batching and headlock control, as well as two column clamps and roof column clamps to keep your cattle secure and confined. You can be sure you will have safe and reliable livestock handling whenever necessary.

Applications, Usages

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of Cattle Headlocks, our products are specifically designed for livestock farming. They are used for Livestock Feeding in cattle farms.

Our advanced technology combines with modern engineering concepts to create cutting-edge, easy-to-use, durable agricultural solutions that promote safe, healthy cattle farming while providing superior value to farmers.

All of our products are tested to meet the highest standards in functionality and reliability, so you can trust our products to safely take care of your livestock.

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