China Developed 2200MPa Super Steel

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China has successfully developed 2200 MPa super steel, leading the world in technical level, breaking the technological monopoly from the United States and Japan. So, what is the actual use of 2200 MPa super steel?

When smelting steel, adding different kinds of elements to the steel will significantly change the toughness of the steel, and there are significant differences in the use of steel with different toughness.

As reported, China has successfully developed a kind of super steel with a yield strength of 2,200 MPa; its technical level exceeds the top level of Western countries. In the same field, the yield strength of super steel produced in Western countries can only reach 1100 MPa. Even in Japan, a world leader in steel smelting technology, 2200 MPa super steel is only in the laboratory.

China Developed 2200MPa Super Steel

What is super steel? Super steel is made by repeatedly pressing with more than five times the pressure on the traditional steel, at the same time increasing the cooling rate and strictly controlling the temperature.

The grain diameter of super steel is only 1 micron, which is 10 to 20 times stronger than ordinary steel. It has high strength and toughness and can maintain high strength without adding elements such as nickel and copper.

China Developed 2200MPa Super Steel

Materials science is a significant bottleneck restricting the development of human science and technology.

After entering the industrial age, new materials represented by steel and plastic have led to the rapid progress of human science and technology. Still, with the further development of scientific theories, these materials have been unable to meet the requirements of the new era, and new materials with better performance must be developed as soon as possible.

Super steel has excellent properties that no other steel can have and is regarded as a significant revolution in steel. Compare to Q235 Steel properties. China is the only country globally that has realized the industrialized production of super steel.

China Developed 2200MPa Super Steel

Super steel effectively solves some shortcomings of traditional steel, such as weak strength and short life, and has high performance and low-cost characteristics.

The strength of the 2200 MPa super steel developed in China has exceeded that of titanium alloys, and it is expected to be widely used in the military industry.

Warships and submarines built with super steel have more advanced performance, enhance the ultimate compressive capacity of warships and submarines, and at the same time reduce the weight of warships and submarines. Super steel can also build aircraft carriers, the heart of modern aircraft carriers.

China Developed 2200MPa Super Steel

As the largest combat ship globally, the aircraft carrier is the dream weapon of many countries, but the construction of the aircraft carrier has extremely high requirements on materials. It is reported that the steel plate that the aircraft carrier needs to use is a high-strength and wide-width steel plate, which not only requires strong defense capabilities but also needs to withstand the erosion of sea wind and seawater for many years.

The most important thing is that the deck of the aircraft carrier should not be too thick while bearing the impact of the take-off and landing of 20-30-ton carrier-based aircraft; otherwise, it will seriously affect the safety of carrier-based aircraft taking off and landing.

Super steel is of immeasurable significance to my country’s scientific and technological development and national defense construction. It is believed that China will achieve more dazzling achievements in the field of science and technology in the future.