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Steel purlin, also known as a steel purline or a purlin beam, is a kind of steel channel; it refers to a structural member commonly used in building construction. It is an essential component of roof framing systems, providing support and stability to the roof decking or sheeting.

They serve a vital purpose in distributing the roof’s weight and facilitating load transfer to the primary structural components of the building, such as beams or trusses. Steel purlins contribute significantly to the roof system’s stability, strength, and integrity.

Steel Purlin

Our Materials

We only use high-quality steel materials to produce steel purlins as they are strong and durable. Cold-formed carbon steel is our most commonly used material for manufacturing steel purlins. Additionally, galvanized coating for enhanced corrosion resistance, and stainless steel, offering superior resistance to corrosion, are also utilized in specific applications.

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Tensile and Yield Strength

Property Tensile Strength (MPa) Yield Strength (MPa)
Light Gauge Purlins 300 – 550 200 – 350

By utilizing light gauge steel purlins with such impressive strength characteristics, construction projects can benefit from enhanced structural integrity, increased durability, and the ability to withstand challenging environmental conditions.


Sizes of Steel Purlins Standard sizes of steel purlins vary based on regional markets and building codes. In Australia, common steel purlin sizes include 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 250mm, each with corresponding depths and thicknesses. In the USA, standard steel purlin sizes range from 4 inches to 12 inches in depth, providing various thickness options to meet specific project requirements.

Two Types of Steel Purlins

Purlin Type Profile Characteristics
C-purlins C-shaped profile – Flanges on both sides
– Vertical web in the middle
– Commonly used in various construction applications
Z-purlins Z-shaped profile – Flanges at the top and bottom
– Connected by a diagonal web
– Frequently used in larger commercial and industrial buildings