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We are the Steel Decking Manufacturing Company, Our Main Customers are: Global Contractors, Shops, Wholesalers, Retailers, Importers, Etc.

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metal decking sheets for your building or roof at wholesale prici

Thrive Metal Products Company supplies steel deckings as a construction material used in the building industry for floor and roof systems.

Steel decking, also named Metal decking, or corrugated deck, consists of corrugated sheets or panels made from steel, typically galvanized or coated for enhanced durability. The corrugated design provides better bonding with concrete as a composite floor system.

Our Steel deckings are commonly used in building floors, roofing, decks, or as mezzanine decking in commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects.

It offers several advantages, including:

Strength and durability: Steel decking provides structural strength, supporting heavy loads and resisting deflection.
Fire resistance: enhances the overall fire safety of a building.
Versatility: It can be used for various applications, including composite floor systems, roof systems, and formwork for concrete slabs.

Steel Decking