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slotted c-channel for table top

Steel channels, also known as structural channels or channel steel bars, are hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel members with a letter-shaped cross-section. They are versatile components used in various industries for structural support and framing.

Our Steel channels play a vital role in numerous industries, offering structural support and versatility in construction projects.

As a leading custom manufacturer and supplier, we take pride in providing high-quality solutions tailored to our client’s diverse needs.

Steel channels come in various shapes, each serving specific functions and applications. Here are our most commonly used shapes:

Common Applications

C Channel
Resembles the letter “C” and offers excellent load-bearing capacity.
Structural support, framing applications

U Channel
Resembles the letter “U” and provides increased rigidity and stability.
Applications requiring additional support

L Channel
Forms a right angle, offering robust support for edges and corners.
Framing applications

Z Channel
Features a Z-shaped cross-section, providing high strength and load-bearing capacity.
Heavy-duty structural applications

J Channel
Takes the form of the letter “J” and is commonly used as trim or edge protection.
Trim, edge protection

T Channel
Resembles the letter “T” and allows for easy connection and mounting of other structural elements.
Versatile design and assembly applications

Surface Coating Options
Steel channels can be coated with various surface treatments to enhance durability and corrosion resistance. Our company offers a range of coating options, with galvanization being the most common choice.

Galvanization involves applying a protective zinc coating to the surface of steel channels. This process offers several advantages, including:

Excellent corrosion resistance: The zinc coating is a barrier, protecting the underlying steel from rust and corrosion.
Longevity: Galvanized steel channels have an extended lifespan, making them suitable for outdoor and high-moisture environments.
Uniform coating thickness: Our galvanization process ensures consistent and uniform coating thickness, enhancing durability and reliability.

Feature and Benefits
Our ability to customize steel channels sets us apart from competitors. We offer a wide range of options, including channels with holes for easy installation, curved channels for unique designs, double channels for added strength, half-round channels for aesthetic appeal, and perforated or slotted channels for improved ventilation and drainage.

Steel Channels