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We are the Cattle Headlocks Manufacturing Company, Our Main Customers are: Global Contractors, Shops, Wholesalers, Retailers, Importers, Etc.

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factory price cow farm equipment high quality durable made in china

Professional Supplier of Livestock Headlocks, Cattle Headlocks, and Cow Headlocks from China

Thrive Metal Products is a global leader in the manufacturing and supplying Livestock Headlocks products from China. Our products are made from high-quality steel pipe and Q235 material – an highly durable iron alloy, providing superior strength and flexibility while ensuring long-lasting use.

We strive to provide products that exceed expectations. Our manufacturing process is tailored to optimize efficiency while providing premium quality headlock panels that can withstand any climate. In addition, we specialize in custom designs that meet specific requirements for any setting.

Our hot dip galvanizing technology provides long-lasting use and protection against rusting or corrosion, safeguarding our products from extreme weather conditions. With proper maintenance, these headlock panels can last for many years before requiring replacement.

Our product range offers the following advantages:

Durable construction for prolonged use
Hot dip galvanized technology for longer life span
Quality welding that provides reliable connections
Quick lock and safe release features
Custom designs to fit individual requirements
High resistance to corrosion, rusting, or extreme weather conditions

At Thrive Metal Products, we integrate cutting-edge technology within our production processes to ensure all Livestock Headlocks comply with safety standards set forth by our industry partners worldwide.

Additionally, every item is inspected before shipping out to our customers. We guarantee quality control within each shipment; we welcome your inquiry.

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