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Anti-dumping and Impact on Stainless Steel Products from China

The global manufacturing PMI was 48.7% in September 2023, which has risen for the past three months but is still below 50%.
The PMI data suggests that global manufacturing is growing, but the economy remains weak, and demand is low.

China’s exporting order index is still at a low level but has risen for two months on a year-on-year basis, showing signs of easing downward pressure on Chinese export demand.

Anti-dumping and Impact on Stainless Steel Products from China

Customs data

According to China Customs data, statistics show that in 2023, China’s stainless steel exports are relatively stable, with monthly exports of about 350,000 tons, and the January-September monthly average is lower than the average level of the same period in the previous two years. 2023 January-September, the cumulative volume of domestic stainless steel exports was about 3,108,000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 356,000 tons, or a reduction of 10.3%.

Europe, the United States, and other major markets for stainless steel consumption are affected by inflationary pressures, high interest rates, and other factors, resulting in weakened investment and consumption momentum, and steel consumption declined in most regions.

According to statistics, from January to September 2023, the cumulative volume of domestic stainless steel exported to the EU is about 106,000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 262,000 tons, or 71.2%; the cumulative volume exported to the U.S. is about 66,000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 29,000 tons, or 30.2%.

In addition to facing the pressure of global stainless steel demand contraction, overseas countries on China’s trade barriers is also a significant cause of the decline in China’s stainless steel exports.

To protect the interests of the local stainless steel enterprises, Europe and the United States set up higher barriers for importing stainless steel products.
Secondly, due to India’s domestic demand for stainless steel increased, China’s exports to India’s stainless steel volume is at an all-time high; for this reason, India has also opened the Chinese stainless steel related products anti-dumping/countervailing investigations and even levied a tax on some of the products.

As of October 24, 2023, there were about 12 foreign anti-dumping and countervailing investigations or rulings initiated on Chinese stainless steel products. The varieties involved include cold rolled stainless steel sheet and coil, cold rolled seamless stainless steel pipe, welded stainless steel pipe, hot rolled stainless steel sheet, and coil, stainless steel pipe butt weldments, stainless steel flanges, stainless steel washing tanks, stainless steel containers, stainless steel drums and so on.

Specifically as follows:

TimeCountryProduct TypeContentTax rateTariff No.
August 1VietnamCold-rolled stainless steel sheet and coilAnti-dumping duties are about to expiration date. Sunset review application request17.94%~
7219.32.00, 7219.33.00, 7219.34.00, 7219.35.00, 7219.90.00, 7220.20.10, 7220.20.90, 7220.90.10 and
September 30IndiaWelded stainless steel pipefirst anti-subsidy sunset review21.74%~
73064000, 73066100 and Products under 73066900 and 73041110, 73041190, 73044100, 73045110,73049000, 7051129,73059099, 73061100,73062100, 73062919,
73063090, 73065000,73069011, 73069019 and 73069090
Table 1: Foreign Countries Launching AD/CVD Investigations on Stainless Steel Products from China Since 2023
TimeCountryProduct TypeContentTax rateTariff No.
April 6IndiaHot and cold rolled stainless steel sheet and coilFirst Countervailing Sunset Review Affirmative Final Determination18.95%Products under 7219 and 7220
April 14European UnionCertain stainless steel pipe and tube butt-welded fittingsFirst anti-dumping sunset review final decision30.7%~64.9%7307231050, 7307231055, 7307239050 and 7307239055
July 26MalaysiaCold Rolled Stainless Steel Sheets and CoilsFirst anti-dumping sunset review final decision2.68~23.95%7219.31.0000, 7219.32.00 00, 7219.33.0000, 7219.34.0000, 7219.35.0000, 7220.20.1000 and 7220.20.9000.
September 5United States of AmericaStainless steel flangesFirst Anti-Dumping Expedited Sunset Review Final Determination257.11%7307.21.1000、7307.21.5000
September 5United States of AmericaStainless steel flangesFirst Countervailing Expedited Sunset Review Final Determination174.73%7307.21.1000、7307.21.5000
September 26Eurasian Economic UnionCold rolled seamless stainless steel tubesAnti-dumping duties extended to March 5, 202419.15%7304410005、7304410008
Table 2: Foreign Final AD/CVD Rulings on Stainless Steel Products from China since 2023
TimeCountryProduct TypeContentTax rateTariff No.
Mar24 ColumbiaStainless steel washing tankAnti-Dumping Sunset Review Investigation132.00%7324.10.00.00
July 4European UnionStainless Steel TanksAnti-Dumping Final Determination62.6%-69.6%7310100010、7310299010
Sep 21stIndiaStainless steel containerAnti-dumping investigation
Oct 20United StatesStainless steel drawn SinksSecond Countervailing Sunset Review Final Affirmative Determination4.9-12.36%7324.10.0000、7324.10.0010
Table 3: Foreign Anti-Dumping/Countervailing Investigations/Final Rulings on Stainless Steel Products from China since 2023