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A Processing method of stainless steel seamless pipe

Stainless steel seamless pipe is a common material with a wide range of applications and gradually increasing market demand. Because of its corrosion resistance, strong toughness, and good formability, the seamless pipe has a wide range of applications in the daily necessities industry, light industry, heavy industry, and architectural decoration industry.

In China, manufacturers that generally produce stainless steel seamless tubes through the extrusion processing method.

Stainless steel seamless pipe extrusion processing method: Through the improvement of the vertical hydraulic injection devices, the accuracy of wall thickness deviation can reach 5% ~ 7%.

A Processing method of stainless steel seamless pipe

The extruder die for simple, easy to design, manufacture, and replacement, suitable for small quantities of enterprises, multiple specifications, and the production of stainless steel pipe. Can also produce a variety of steel pipes, a set of 50MN (5000t) devices can produce 25 ~ 245mm specifications of steel pipes, more suitable for market demand than other pipe rolling equipment.

The biggest advantage of this production technology is the ability to directly use the continuous casting billet as raw materials, so as to ensure a safe and stable product service quality, and flexible variety replacement, you can choose to directly produce a hot extruded finished tube, but also to improve the production of a variety of shaped sections of stainless steel pipe.

But extrusion production of stainless steel pipe also has an obvious disadvantage, is the low rate of good quality products. In order to improve the level of production quality, the manufacturer has improved the production process.

The cold-processed raw tube can be used according to the specific circumstances of different production processes: in the vertical hydraulic perforating machine, direct punching small size steel pipe, extrusion with solid billet; medium-sized steel pipe used in the billet should try to pre-drill small holes, large steel plate used in the billet should be pre-drilled large holes, and then large steel pipe used in the billet by the extruder directly extruded into the pipe.

According to the above analysis described in the cold drawing and cold rolling production processing design out of stainless steel seamless tube, can only be counted as a semi-finished product, the precision of different levels is very low, and often fail to meet the requirements of the enterprise users can put forward, such as the uneven thickness of the tube wall, the existence of bumps and bruises, internal and external research surface pull marks and spots or pits and other defects, to be constantly repaired and ground.

China’s industrialization process gradually accelerated today, for seamless stainless steel pipe has a higher demand, the production enterprises will choose the appropriate production process, in order to ensure the production quality of the seamless pipe, and enhance the economic benefits of enterprises.