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We know that the welding area is affected by high temperatures during the welding process, and the components are thermally deformed. The two components are connected as a whole in this state. When the welding heat disappears, internal stress will be caused. A standard method to eliminate this internal stress is to heat treat the welded components. Although the heat treatment process can effectively reduce or eliminate the internal stress and improve the welding quality, it also increases the manufacturing cost of the parts. When the part is large, the heat treatment is more complicated. Internal stresses can also be reduced through purposeful structural design.

The root cause of the stress in the welding area is that the free deformation of the structure is limited to a certain extent. The generation of internal stress is fundamentally reduced.

Welding Guidelines:

A good welded structure is a structure with a small amount of welding, and the number of welding should be reduced as much as possible. In basic, the weld’s mechanical properties are not as good as that of the base metal, and a large amount of welding means that the overheating affected zone is large, and the internal stress and thermal deformation generated by the structure are large.