Thrive Metal Products has many products that are with galvanized surface coating. Depending on the usage of the product, in order to prevent corrosion or ensure the best use condition for a long time, we will galvanize the surface of the metal or steel products we manufacture. Galvanizing is the process of adding a zinc alloy protective coating to the steel or metal product’s surface.

The steel or metal products are immersed in a container of molten zinc for a while, then taken out to cool. The zinc then binds to the surface of the product and acts as an anti-corrosion effect.

The galvanizing process has many advantages:
First, the cost of galvanizing is the lowest and the most effective. The coating can play a good anti-corrosion effect. In addition, even if the zinc coating on the surface is scratched or damaged, the metal products inside can remain in good condition.
Second, coated metal products can still undergo further processing, such as drilling and cutting.

Galvanizing is the most cost-effective protection measure and is currently the mainstream choice on the market.